Monday, July 22, 2013

The 2013 Youtube Techie Awards are here!

My Top Two Nominees for the 2013 Youtube Techie Awards are.........

The envelope is in my hands and I'm shaking with excitement. I am about to announce my two favorite Tech Channels on far.  I say 'so far' simply because Youtube is growing and changing so friggin' fast, that and the fact that new talent is only getting better and better. So let's get through this announcement quickly before someone else out there breaks the mold. 

                                     Tek Syndicate Youtube Channel
                         (nominated for Best Supporting Tech Channel)

   Tek Syndicate is a channel that was always supposed to exist, imagine the channel as a vital necessity like water or oxygen. This tech channel loves anything that involves a desktop. Tek Syndicate was previously known as razethew0rld, that changed quickly though. Why the change? Well simply because Logan figured the name was a little too extreme if he wanted to deal with major tech distributors.
   As a former host of Tiger Direct (another tech distributor and youtube tech channel), Logan decided it was time to leave his employer and join up with his genius clan Wendell and Ian to revamp the small channel and reintroduce it to the world as the new 'Tek Syndicate' channel. Not too long after the name change, Logan uploaded a couple of videos which tested Apple fanboys with some real questions about Apple's so called 'patents'. Logan instantly drafted an army of dedicated followers and the Tek Syndicate became an overnight success story. With Logan at the helm, Ian managing the fuel reserves and Wendell fine tuning the fusion powered engines, this Youtube ship took off straight into space.
   Tek Syndicate has a weekly episode called 'The Tek' which covers very important issues like drinking mailed in coffee or viewer sent beer, after that we get to the latest tech news. Occasionally Logan will touch base with issues that might be plaguing the internet or reveal recent technological breakthroughs that might actually help make our world a better place to live in. I feel that Logan also screams out the big question "Are you using the internet or is it using you?" but he's also here to help you answer that question. This channel wants what most of us want, the freedom and right to surf on a 'not so supervised or controlled' internet and he has a funny way of doing it. What I mean is he IS really funny.
  Another weekly episode they do is the 'Inbox', a segment that answers a variety of questions posted by forum members of the TekSyndicate website. I do recommend you join. Tek Syndicate also does great tech product reviews, price varied pc builds and finally gives great pc tech advice with a few hands on demostrations. As for pc games, check out Logan's second channel called... ...wait for it...... 'beergamesbeer' .......a gaming channel hosted by young Pistol, a very fresh addition to the group.
  Logan and his powerhouse team are smart, very informative and very fun to watch. Tek Syndicate has my vote any day of the week. They definitely get a Youtube Techie Award for 'Best Supporting Tech Channel' and are on my list of must watch Youtube tech channels.  Go George Washington!

 Linus Tech Tips Youtube Channel (nominated for Best Tech Channel)

  NCIX Canada's plan was to introduce their tech products on Youtube and to provide tips and guides to tech enthusiasts and geeks everywhere. Something Tiger Direct and Newegg had already had a handle on. So the Vancouver based company introduced the 'NCIXcom' Youtube channel, hosted by the tech savvy Linus Sebastien. Although his education level wasn't top tier, Linus (being a pro tech geek) was out to prove himself. Soon enough he quickly managed to stand out above the rest. With a constant stream of informative videos, NCIX channel kept the Youtube world informed on the latest tech advancements and newly released products that the tech industry had to offer. The channel quickly gained viewers and soon enough caught up with the 'big boys'. Linus and NCIX were doing things right.
  Sometime later, Linus took it upon himself to give 'unboxings' a more personal touch. So with a ton of cables, a couple of cameras, and a few short circuits later, the 'Linus Tech Tips' channel was born! Linus Tech Tips quickly advanced to being one of the most viewed tech channels on Youtube surpassing even NCIX! Linus Sebastien is bar none the fastest and most professional unboxer out there. He delivers a variety of content, besides unboxings, like reviews, overclocking procedures, benchmarks, comparisons, durability tests and much much more. His lightning speed commentary, unwavering wit, and a relentless drive to succeed is what keeps him in the forefront. Oh ya, his tech quickie tips are on the ball also!
  Let's skip to the now. Now a former employee but still associate of NCIX Canada, Linus is on a new venture called 'Linus Media Group' which includes a small team of experts with nicknames like Slick, B-Roll and Dezel. Linus Media Group has already delivered some very professional ads to major players in the tech field. The group is also partnered with Twitch TV and provides viewers cool new weekly episodes of the new WAN show or Weekly Analysis & News show which covers everything 'tech' under the sun. It is usually followed by the 'After Party' show where anything goes like taking live callers or answering twitter questions thru the live stream while playing random video games. This after party deal can sometimes get weird. I've already witnessed Linus and Slick eating food that was delivered and even mailed to them! This mixture of geekyness and professionalism has drawn me in and amassed a huge fan base. They also have a very successful forum called Linus Tech Tips.
  I like the fact that Linus Tech Tips channel is always changing and adapting to the viewer's needs but one thing will always stay unchanged, Linus Tech Tips is the geekiest and most informative channel on Youtube. That's 'Techtertainment'! I love it. I wish the whole team continued success. This Youtube tech channel wins the 'Best Tech Channel' award in my 2013 Youtube Techie Awards Ceremony. Go Canucks!

Written by Jimmy Dali

*note:  If you were one of the few who actually thought these were real awards, then please share this blog with anyone else you know that has a good sense of humor.

Tek Syndicate youtube channel:
Tek Syndicate website:

Linus Tech Tips youtube channel:
Linus Tech Tips community forum:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tubes Unholy Grail - The " Unwritten Rules" of Youtube by Jimmy Dali

   Youtube is ever so quickly becoming an integral part of my daily routine. It's content can bring me all around the wolrd in seconds but at the same time help me release a surge of emotions almost instantly. It's so f&^#n intense!
  Have you ever wondered how you can get to be a better Youtuber? How you can get a more positive response from your Youtube community as a viewer or even as a content provider? Enjoy Youtube as a whole?
  As  a geek gamer, geek dad and  content provider for Youtube I pondered that question time and again and said "WTF! Jim, just make a list already". So  I took some time out from making game videos and cooked up this small list of  'Unwritten Rules' or Do's and Dont's to help you just 'enjoy' the Tubes that much more. We start with Unwritten Rule Number one! Enjoy!

(notice the segway?)

 1.  Enjoy whatever your viewing. If you're making videos then enjoy making them! Just have fun.
JUST HAVE FUN! I just can't emphasize that enough!

2.  Talk about Youtube. Tell your friends what's stupid and what's hot. What's funny and what's not.
Word of mouth has always been my favorite method of advertising. Spread the word and you can make it go viral!

3. Communicate within the community. Leave comments. Voice your opinion in a cool, respectful and constructive manner. Don't hate, troll or flame thru your comments. If that's your idea of fun then you need serious help. You'll quickly realize that everyone is already aware of how much of an ahole you are and will soon start voting down your comments as spam, then checking you off their contact lists and finally end up blocking you from their channels altogether.

4.  Don't Hit & Run! After having watched the video leave your mark as to say "Hey! I was here!."  Don't just watch and immediately run off to the next video. Take the time to honor the top videos by making them stand out. There are five ways to do this. Like, comment, share, favorite and dislike. Yes even disliking a video helps promote it.

5.  Help out your fellow Youtubers and help yourself. You can always stay updated with new content by subscribing to their channel. Promote their channel by adding it to your featured channels list. Post comments everywhere to let  the community know which channels you like or even which ones suck.
If viewers pick up on your advice they'll probably check out what you're all about too. If they find what you have to offer is interesting they'll probably subscribe to your channel as well.

6.  Respect your fellow youtubers. They go through a lot of trouble and great effort to bring you awesome content. You won't believe how much time, effort, talent, passion, feelings,emotions and raw energy go into some of these videos. Show them you want more by praising their work or maybe complimenting them. Don't thrash them for every little mistake or inconsistency you see in their video. It's easy being a smart ass know-it-all and brag how you can do it better. It's hard to actually DO what they do...better.

 7.  If you yourself have a Youtube channel persist on consistantly providing good quality content. It takes a lot of patience, persistance talent and a little luck but eventually your videos will get known.  Keep at it and you'll gradually develop a loyal following. Promote your content by occasionally sending pm's to contacts who you think might be interested. CAREFUL! Don't over promote or spam, it really annoys viewers. Did I mention I have two Youtube channels? Hey yolo.

That's all for now. I may have missed a lot more points but if you come up with one be sure to post it in the comments below. You'll be doing people a lot of good. Enjoy the Tubes!

Jimmy Dali

 Vlogger, Blogger .....and Frogger (if the wife ever catches me doing this!)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Battlefield 4 Pre-order Warning

Just a heads up for all you Battlefield fans. If you're planning to pre-order Battlefield 4 Deluxe Edition thinking you're getting the premium expansion pack and/or a premium account think again. EA is up to their little tricks again. In the link below EA claims you're getting a PREMIUM expansion pack if you pre-order the downloadable  Deluxe Edition pc version through Origin. NO! You're not getting anything PREMIUM! You're getting the base game, the China Rising Expansion Pack, 3 Gold Battlepacks and access to Beta .
EA's wordplay brought a lot of confusion in BF4 forums and gamers who pre-ordered got mixed up  thinking they were getting premium packs and a premium account. Premium accounts will be offered some time after BF4 releases. No matter the Deluxe Edition is still a good value if you're interested at only $10 more than the standard game download. Battlefield 4 is set to release late October early November 2013.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Folk Tale strategy rpg soon to be released !

  We are looking forward to playing the soon to be released strategy RPG Folk Tale by developer Games Foundry. We'll also provide a few Folk Tale walkthrough videos with in-game commentary very soon on our Youtube channel. If you purchase it now on Steam you can start playing the early access mode and help developers with crucial feedback as it is going thru it's development phase. Early Access includes the alpha, regular updates throughout development, the digital retail version of the game, and all patches thereafter. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Play MotoGP 13 Demo.

MotoGP 2013 playable demo has been released from Milestone. The game will be officially released on 21 June, 2013. So far it's looking and sounding good. Check out the video for the FullHD experience.
You can download the playable pc demo here:

Monday, June 10, 2013

AMD APU with 4.3MHz overclock for less than 500e

A nice fast overclockable desktop pc with decent onboard graphics at an affordable price. The AMD A10-5800k Trinity series APU is a complete cpu and gpu package and at only 115 euros it is a very good economical solution.

     I added 2 Corsair Vengeance Ram at 8gb and 1866MHz because the apu demands high frequency. I cooled it off with a Zalman 5x Perfoma cooler and an Enermax Vegas Duo 140mm side panel fan mostly for it's 11 stage led light show. The case is a nice n light CoolerMaster K350 Elite which comes with two stock cooling 120mm fans (front and back). It includes a front  usb 3.0 and a usb 2.0 port. Two more usb 3.0 and four usb 2.0 ports are located in rear i/o. The motherboard is an Asus FM2 F2A85-M LE which supports onboard 7.1 audio. There's an hdmi, a dvi and vga port for all possible monitor and television connections. I completed the desktop by adding a WD Caviar Green 7200 rpm and 64mb HDD for storage.
The AMD apu runs overclocked at a stable 4.3 GHz and all the while stays very cool and quiet. Temps are 19c at idle and 57c on full load.

 As far as gaming is concerned it can run even the most recent games on low to medium graphic settings. If you're a serious gamer though you should add a discreet gpu. It's also possible to run this apu in Crossfire mode by adding an AMD HD6670 which will set you back another 85 euros!

   The total cost of the pc desktop was 470 euros without the discreet gpu. I don't use it for gaming so I don't really mind. It handles multi tasking like a pro and we run fullHD 1080p music videos on a 52 inch plasma tv and a 21 inch lcd tv using hdmi cable switches. The pc runs everything beautifully.

I love how AMD has offered the consumer some invaluable processing at a very reasonable price.
Now AMD has just come out with a newer version of this apu, it's the A10-6800k and at 150 euros I'm sure they will keep everyone happy again.

Jimmy Dali

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AverMedia Live Gamer Portable gets good gameplays!

 Live Gamer Portable is the right stuff for gamers who like providing good quality content on Youtube.

This cool new product from AverMedia has replaced my cpu from doing any processing because it took over all the capturing work. It also gave my hard disc a longer life cycle before it starts failing because Live Gamer portable writes smaller compression data therefore the hard disc writes less. Less writing equals longer life.

Here's an example. A five minute gameplay video would have taken up tp 13 GB of raw capture data using software and cpu which you would have to then recode to a smaller mp4 format. Now using Live Gamer Portable that five minute data has been reduced to 900 mb and it's already in mp4 format!

Yes you can also capture game videos from Playstation 3 and XBox. The package comes complete with all the cables necessary. It even has a cool pouch to keep your Capture Card safe. Well done AverMedia!

by Jimmy Dali

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Divine Souls is on Steam's Greenlight.

Check out the new mmorpg Divine Souls from developer Outspark that just got on Steam's Greenlight. Vote yes on Greenlight if you want to see more of this game.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New! Dali HD Gaming 2nd Channel

Check out Dali HD Gaming's new 2nd channel which will offer more let's play videos, game reviews, and a more personal view of things related to pc gaming. Here is our first look at Helicopter Simulator Search & Rescue. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Evoland complete evolution in 40 min

A fun retro style game depicting the complete evolution of gaming graphics from the past 2 decades. This video masterpiece, which took 6.5 hours to edit, shows the complete evolution of gaming and all key boss events in just 39 min!