Monday, June 10, 2013

AMD APU with 4.3MHz overclock for less than 500e

A nice fast overclockable desktop pc with decent onboard graphics at an affordable price. The AMD A10-5800k Trinity series APU is a complete cpu and gpu package and at only 115 euros it is a very good economical solution.

     I added 2 Corsair Vengeance Ram at 8gb and 1866MHz because the apu demands high frequency. I cooled it off with a Zalman 5x Perfoma cooler and an Enermax Vegas Duo 140mm side panel fan mostly for it's 11 stage led light show. The case is a nice n light CoolerMaster K350 Elite which comes with two stock cooling 120mm fans (front and back). It includes a front  usb 3.0 and a usb 2.0 port. Two more usb 3.0 and four usb 2.0 ports are located in rear i/o. The motherboard is an Asus FM2 F2A85-M LE which supports onboard 7.1 audio. There's an hdmi, a dvi and vga port for all possible monitor and television connections. I completed the desktop by adding a WD Caviar Green 7200 rpm and 64mb HDD for storage.
The AMD apu runs overclocked at a stable 4.3 GHz and all the while stays very cool and quiet. Temps are 19c at idle and 57c on full load.

 As far as gaming is concerned it can run even the most recent games on low to medium graphic settings. If you're a serious gamer though you should add a discreet gpu. It's also possible to run this apu in Crossfire mode by adding an AMD HD6670 which will set you back another 85 euros!

   The total cost of the pc desktop was 470 euros without the discreet gpu. I don't use it for gaming so I don't really mind. It handles multi tasking like a pro and we run fullHD 1080p music videos on a 52 inch plasma tv and a 21 inch lcd tv using hdmi cable switches. The pc runs everything beautifully.

I love how AMD has offered the consumer some invaluable processing at a very reasonable price.
Now AMD has just come out with a newer version of this apu, it's the A10-6800k and at 150 euros I'm sure they will keep everyone happy again.

Jimmy Dali