Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AverMedia Live Gamer Portable gets good gameplays!

 Live Gamer Portable is the right stuff for gamers who like providing good quality content on Youtube.

This cool new product from AverMedia has replaced my cpu from doing any processing because it took over all the capturing work. It also gave my hard disc a longer life cycle before it starts failing because Live Gamer portable writes smaller compression data therefore the hard disc writes less. Less writing equals longer life.

Here's an example. A five minute gameplay video would have taken up tp 13 GB of raw capture data using software and cpu which you would have to then recode to a smaller mp4 format. Now using Live Gamer Portable that five minute data has been reduced to 900 mb and it's already in mp4 format!

Yes you can also capture game videos from Playstation 3 and XBox. The package comes complete with all the cables necessary. It even has a cool pouch to keep your Capture Card safe. Well done AverMedia!

by Jimmy Dali