Thursday, April 7, 2016

Code of Princess PC Gameplay 60fps 1080p

Coming to Steam this month, Code of Princess for PC.

Previously available only on the Nintendo 3DS, Code of Princess is onr of the most highly anticipated pc games of the year!

The pc port is almost here thanks to my favorite publisher of 2016, Degica, a Japanese company specialising in digital services and eCommerce in Japan who also acts as a publisher for various video games. They focus mostly on bringing jrpgs & shmups to the Western Hemisphere.

At the beginning of the game, her kingdom is attacked by monsters. Solange is charged by her father, the king Golgius, to protect the holy sword of the kingdom. As she leaves, the king says “Our fate is in your hands, Code of Princess.” This seems to imply that Solange is the title character. 
For a more detailed description of the main character Solange check out the official blog here:
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