Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tubes Unholy Grail - The " Unwritten Rules" of Youtube by Jimmy Dali

   Youtube is ever so quickly becoming an integral part of my daily routine. It's content can bring me all around the wolrd in seconds but at the same time help me release a surge of emotions almost instantly. It's so f&^#n intense!
  Have you ever wondered how you can get to be a better Youtuber? How you can get a more positive response from your Youtube community as a viewer or even as a content provider? Enjoy Youtube as a whole?
  As  a geek gamer, geek dad and  content provider for Youtube I pondered that question time and again and said "WTF! Jim, just make a list already". So  I took some time out from making game videos and cooked up this small list of  'Unwritten Rules' or Do's and Dont's to help you just 'enjoy' the Tubes that much more. We start with Unwritten Rule Number one! Enjoy!

(notice the segway?)

 1.  Enjoy whatever your viewing. If you're making videos then enjoy making them! Just have fun.
JUST HAVE FUN! I just can't emphasize that enough!

2.  Talk about Youtube. Tell your friends what's stupid and what's hot. What's funny and what's not.
Word of mouth has always been my favorite method of advertising. Spread the word and you can make it go viral!

3. Communicate within the community. Leave comments. Voice your opinion in a cool, respectful and constructive manner. Don't hate, troll or flame thru your comments. If that's your idea of fun then you need serious help. You'll quickly realize that everyone is already aware of how much of an ahole you are and will soon start voting down your comments as spam, then checking you off their contact lists and finally end up blocking you from their channels altogether.

4.  Don't Hit & Run! After having watched the video leave your mark as to say "Hey! I was here!."  Don't just watch and immediately run off to the next video. Take the time to honor the top videos by making them stand out. There are five ways to do this. Like, comment, share, favorite and dislike. Yes even disliking a video helps promote it.

5.  Help out your fellow Youtubers and help yourself. You can always stay updated with new content by subscribing to their channel. Promote their channel by adding it to your featured channels list. Post comments everywhere to let  the community know which channels you like or even which ones suck.
If viewers pick up on your advice they'll probably check out what you're all about too. If they find what you have to offer is interesting they'll probably subscribe to your channel as well.

6.  Respect your fellow youtubers. They go through a lot of trouble and great effort to bring you awesome content. You won't believe how much time, effort, talent, passion, feelings,emotions and raw energy go into some of these videos. Show them you want more by praising their work or maybe complimenting them. Don't thrash them for every little mistake or inconsistency you see in their video. It's easy being a smart ass know-it-all and brag how you can do it better. It's hard to actually DO what they do...better.

 7.  If you yourself have a Youtube channel persist on consistantly providing good quality content. It takes a lot of patience, persistance talent and a little luck but eventually your videos will get known.  Keep at it and you'll gradually develop a loyal following. Promote your content by occasionally sending pm's to contacts who you think might be interested. CAREFUL! Don't over promote or spam, it really annoys viewers. Did I mention I have two Youtube channels? Hey yolo.

That's all for now. I may have missed a lot more points but if you come up with one be sure to post it in the comments below. You'll be doing people a lot of good. Enjoy the Tubes!

Jimmy Dali

 Vlogger, Blogger .....and Frogger (if the wife ever catches me doing this!)